November 2017 Nov 2017 Personal portfolio and blog site

Web development

A portfolio site to host samples of my own work and be an easily accessible hub for my own writing/posts. Device-adaptive design with lazy-loading to improve performance in galleries which are heavy on images but quick to load. Clear site navigation helps users navigate and explore the portfolio while staying oriented, even within subgalleries. Written with SEO and structured data in mind, using standardised schema to make content more presentable in search results. Easily extendable as no content, blogs or images are wrapped in style code, rather inside neatly-arranged YAML text files, simplifying future content expansion.

  • Technique: Hand-coded design and site structure making use of Bootstrap SCSS, and generated with Jekyll. View code repository on GitHub.

November 2015 Nov 2015 Squad

Graphic design

Personal work. Graphic series produced from phone photos. Idolised 'squad' imagery atop branding elements from adidas Originals.

  • Software: Adobe Photoshop CC

September 2015 Sep 2015 SYNC3

Web development

Promotional site for an annual multimedia exhibition by Sydney-based art collective SYNC!!. The site used a single-page design to show event information and artist bios. Scrolling down the page triggered the headers and the perspective grid in the background to dynamically adapt in colour. Hand-coded. At the time the design did not make use of a device-responsive structure, but its relative simplicity would make it easily adaptable to a framework package or basic @media queries.


    June 2015 Jun 2015 Waveform-inspired mural


    Ambient music connecting my square-based creative space to the larger natural environment far outside my city, inaccessible when I haven't time. The waveform is a section of a track by French group M83, and the landscape detailing by Lisa Roberts depicts the Kata Tjuta ('the Olgas') rock formation in Northern Territory, Australia.

    • Material: Biopaint, tint, oil-based permanent marker, pencil.
    • Technique: Data projector used to display the preliminary digital design onto the wall for tracing. Its projecting position was adjusted in stages to eventually cover the wall. The waveform structure, which was drawn with ruler and pencil, extends across the entire ceiling.
    • Dimensions: 3 m × 3 m × 9 m