Sydney, Australia

In photos: Hong Kong supporters gather in Sydney to demand an end to violence

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Hundreds of people gathered in the centres of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide tonight in support of pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong, who continue their months-long protest against the Chinese state’s extradition bill and other infringements on their freedoms.

Face masks, balaclavas and eye patches were worn, symbolising the injury to a young woman protestor in Hong Kong who was shot in the face with a beanbag round by police earlier this week.

A Lennon wall was established on the sides of Martin Place’s public walls, where protestors affixed printed images of victims of violence and words of support for Hong Kong on sticky notes.

Organisers then reiterated the 5 demands to the Chinese state to implement in Hong Kong: full withdrawal of the extradition bill, retraction of the ‘riot’ characterisation by the state, release of all arrested protestors, the formation of an independent inquiry, and implementation of universal suffrage.

While the demonstration in Sydney was largely quiet with no acts of violence, some vocal pro-China supporters amassed and cause police to form a barrier to prevent shoving.

The group of about 20 mostly Chinese international students had gathered after becoming aware of the presence of pro-Hong Kong demonstrators.

They spoke to the media giving support for the Hong Kong police, criticised the protest movement for inciting violence, chanted “Hong Kong is a part of China” and sung the Chinese national anthem.

Article first published on 16 August 2019.