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Images are typically made available to news outlets through CrowdSpark, AAP, Alamy, Shutterstock and Twitter. My name is sometimes credited, but other times the agency responsible for distribution is mentioned instead.

Coronavirus around the world – Bondi Beach, Sydney
24 MARCH 2020
Hong Kong protests, Sydney
5 OCTOBER 2019
Mass transit bus corridors in Colombia a model for Brazil
22 MAY 2019
Advertising giant JCDecaux to produce huge revenue in 2019
8 MARCH 2019
Anti-advertising protest at Sydney Opera House
9 OCTOBER 2018

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Aminata Maternal Foundation
19 AUGUST 2018
May Murray, a Marrickville childcare centre
20 AUGUST 2018
Waterloo Estate
11 AUGUST 2018
Development in Rozelle
30 JULY 2018
Share bike service
12 JULY 2018
JCDecaux public advertising
12 JULY 2018
Glenn McGrath
23 FEBRUARY 2018
Centrelink Marrickville office
3 JULY 2018
Vigil for Eurydice Dixon, Sydney
18 JUNE 2018
Palestine protest, Sydney
15 MAY 2018
Palestine protest, Sydney
8 APRIL 2018
  • 16 May 2018 – TEN Daily3 photos, one main article photo – TEN's article discusses a separate demonstration held on Tuesday 15 May 2018 at night, but perhaps in error, they had actually illustrated it with photos from this daytime demonstration which took place a month earlier on Sunday 8 April. Photos are credited to AAP.
Aboriginal protest, deaths in custody
12 MAY 2018
Aboriginal protest outside Sunrise studios, Sydney
16 MARCH 2018
Fathers and daughters, environmental message