August 2018 Aug 2018 May Murray childcare centre saved

Marrickville childcare centre May Murray has been saved by the Inner West Council, after community members protested threats of closure. A news video short made for Altmedia's Facebook following, which publishes City Hub, a weekly inner-city publication. Story by Lanie Tindale (full article).

  • Story, Video, Editor. Presenter: Steph Newman
  • 2 minShort video, news
  • Using: Premiere Pro
  • Sydney, Australia

July 2018 Jul 2018 Vox Pop: Fitspiration on Instagram

We asked young people their thoughts on the endless stream of fit bodies, health products and exercise routines, and if it's simple enough to unsubscribe and escape it all. A video piece produced for classwork at UTS.

  • Story, Video, Editor: Sebastian Reategui; Presenter: Steph Newman
  • Story, Video, Editor. Presenter: Steph Newman
  • 2 minShort video, news
  • Using: Premiere Pro, After Effects
  • Sydney, Australia

June 2018 Jun 2018 Best Served Cold

Frances is driven by love and insanity to invite a murderer into her home. A short scene to practice acting, directing and editing skills with other media arts and production students.

  • Editor, Sound Mix, Continuity Supervisor: Sebastian Reategui
  • Editor, Sound Mix
  • 3 minDrama, short
  • Director: Tosca Pawela
  • Using: Premiere Pro, Pro Tools
  • Sydney, Australia

November 2017 Nov 2017 Quinceañera

A quinceañera (15th birthday) celebration, festivities and dance.

  • Videography: David Puentes; Editor: Sebastian Reategui
  • Editor; Videography (with David Puentes)
  • 40 minDocumentary/Client work
  • Using: Premiere Pro
  • Cundinamarca, Colombia

October 2017 Oct 2017 Lady Arias

Colombian vocalist performs a rendition of 'Fetish' – Selena Gomez in the studio.

  • Videographer, Editor: Sebastian Reategui
  • Editor; Videography (with David Puentes)
  • 3 minMusic video
  • Using: Premiere Pro
  • Bogotá, Colombia

October 2016 Oct 2016 Lemons

A hollow young woman shares a final joke with her dead mother. To be released.

  • Sound Editor, Post-Production Coordinator: Sebastian Reategui
  • Sound Editor, Post-Production Coordinator
  • 11 minDrama short
  • Director: Eloise Walker
  • Using: Pro Tools, Premiere Pro
  • Sydney, Australia

April 2015 Apr 2015 マルタの鷹: 2050 (Maltese Falcon)

A dystopian techno-realist world of 2050 draws parallels with the events of The Maltese Falcon (1941). Mrs Spade is a deep search memory agent who can trawl her database of personal imaginings and occurrences to assist her clients.

  • Producer, Visual Effects Artist: Sebastian Reategui
  • Producer, Visual Effects Artist, Colourist
  • 5 minDrama short
  • Director: Sabrina Calero
  • Using: After Effects CC
  • Sydney, Australia

October 2014 Oct 2014 Dumpster diving: revealing reality of food waste

We followed two young people who regularly rummage through the bin of a neighbourhood supermarket, revealing the stunning amount of edible food that was disposed of each week.

  • Created by Sebastian Reategui, Bronte Rayner, Ryder Stevens
  • With: Bronte Rayner, Ryder Stevens
  • 5 minDocumentary short
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

July 2012 Jul 2012 Vox Pop: Canberra

Hungry Beast-style, we hit the streets of Canberra to ask people about memories and visions of the future.

  • Created by Sebastian Reategui, Dave Cargill, Michael Todd
  • With: Dave Cargill, Michael Todd
  • 4 minDocumentary short

November 2012 Nov 2012 The IT Guy

A young IT tradesman struggles to win the favour of a client who clearly has had enough of his unprofessionalism and clumsiness.

  • Editor, Producer: Sebastian Reategui
  • Editor, Producer
  • 12 minComedy short
  • Director: Ayesha Huntman