Me, by David Puentes, August 2017
Photo: David Puentes
About me

I’ve been interested in photography, film, digital art and design for as long as I've been able to get my hands on a computer.

I really like hearing stories and sharing fragments of them so that others can understand the realities of people’s lives.

This site is about giving a taste of those fragments and distributing it to people myself, enabling me to highlight important stories that are currently being looked over by large outlets.

On here, you'll also find brief ventures into the science and engineering behind digital image capture, and the practical means by which they apply to cinematography.

Acerca de

Hasta donde recuerdo que usé un computador por primera vez, se me ha fascinado el arte digital, el diseño, la fotografía y el cine.

Lo que me encanta lo más es escuchar y averiguar las varias historias de individuos y trato de compartir fragmentos de ellas para alcanzar a una audiencia, y inspirarle identificarse con la vida de los demás.

Por lo tanto, este sitio trata de dar un visto de estos fragmentos y me permite subrayar varias historias importantes y hacer que no reciban la atención suficiente por los medios de comunicación.

También podrás encontrar aquí varios artículos que abordan la ciencia y la ingeniería de la fotografía digital y los métodos prácticos por los cuales aplican a la cinematografía.


I'm a video editor and primarily work on short form projects, news videos and commercials.

I am an assistant editor for projects both in Avid Media Composer & Premiere Pro.

I'm a digital imaging technician (DIT) and provide data wrangling on-set and from post houses, to offload camera media securely, with quality checks and with transcoding according to editorial team requirements.

I work nationally within Australia, based in Sydney.


I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


All photos and creative work

I reserve rights for all other material. Though I'm always happy to permit you or your organisation to use any work, if you write to me with details first.

Selected photos available freely

I have also released many photographs freely on Wikimedia Commons in the public domain (Creative Commons-Zero).

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