Me, by David Puentes, August 2017
Photo: David Puentes
About me

I’ve been interested in photography, film, digital art and design for as long as I was able to get my hands on a computer.

Now I study communication at UTS in Sydney, Australia, and am working toward expanding my online publishing so my work can reach more people.

I really like hearing stories and sharing fragments of them so that others can understand the realities of people’s lives.

Acerca de

Hasta donde recuerdo que por primera vez pude conseguir un computador cuando tenía 11 me ha fascinado la fotografía, el cine, el arte digital y diseño.

Ya que pasaron muchos años estudio comunicación audiovisual en UTS en Sídney, Australia. En estos días me encuentro enfocado más en lograr un mayor alcance para mi trabajo en cuanto la publicación en linea para que llegue aún a más gente.

Me encanta escuchar y averiguar las historias de individuos y trato de compartir y representar fragmentos de ellas para que le inspiren a otros a reflejar e identificarse con la vida de los demás.


I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Selected photos available freely

I release many photographs so that they can be used freely, permitting anyone to use, copy, distribute and modify them for any purpose. These are typically photos that illustrate environmental or historical locations around the world. They are available in the public domain (Creative Commons-Zero) and can be found on Wikimedia Commons. While it is not required that you give credit, it is appreciated if you write my name somewhere in your credits section as it may help others to discover my work.

All other photos and creative work

I reserve rights for all other material, but I'm always happy to permit you to use any work if you write to me with details first.

Frameworks and material used

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