Digital services

Look creation

Creation of colour looks (LUT) for specific cameras.

Great for film stock emulation in-camera and are created as exposure-neutral. +0stp, -0.5stp and -1stp variants are also available, to assist the cinematographer with choosing an underprocessed look with a simple LUT switch in the camera.

‘Live grade’ look creation

‘Looks’ that are created and tweaked by me during the shoot in consultation with the cinematographer. On a scene or shot-specific basis.

Captures are saved of each setup and can aid the cine & lighting team to match corresponding scenes shot days apart.

Essential for longform content as the visuals of assembly and fine cut edits are even closer to the finished product.

My equipment is lightweight, has a small footprint, and can travel to as many sites as camera.

Data management

Backup of digital footage to production backups. Shuttle drives available for hire.

Fast transcoding

Transcoding from original camera format to a smaller size editorial format, or even smaller for online dailies to Frame.IO or similar.


Live video rack

4 camera inputs, live grade, QC monitoring, playback, controlled by a MacBook Pro

Ultra-portable data case

MacBook Pro laptop in lightweight case, for tight or frequent location moves

Data rack

For a dedicated data station for heavier projects. Multi-camera offload and transcode ability and built around a Mac Studio and uninterrupted power


2TB fast shuttle drives for daily use, and 8 and 16TB shuttle for storage of a few shoot days.

Available with a full-size cart, or tight vertical cart for locations.


Wireless viewing via mobile devices on-set (VUER, Hollyview).

Multiple camera views in a 2-up, 3-up or 4-up on a single display, to aid in multicam shoots.

Livestream to Zoom, Vimeo or other private video platform.

Pre-production consultation

I also regularly assist producers and cinematographers to determine camera format, backup sizes, costing for media and hardware and technical workflow.